Welcome To ASN

Dear Members and Guests,

On behalf of the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists (ASN), let me welcome you to our website. It gives me great pleasure to write this message after assuming the prestigious office as the 12th President of the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists. Through this web site, we hope to give you information about the Association, some of our important past activities, forthcoming continued professional development (CPD) activities and how to get in touch with us.

Since its inception, the ASN has made every effort to be the academic partner in Neurology for the country’s statutory postgraduate training programmes held by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM), University of Colombo. We support the Specialty Board of Study in Neurology at the PGIM to deliver the post MD training programme in Neurology. The sub specialty Training Programmes in Stroke, Epilepsy and Movement Disorders have been proposed and will be developed in the future.

 This year too, we hope to have a host of CPD activities targeting neurologists, physicians, and postgraduate trainees in neurology and general medicine. Monthly Clinical Case Based Discussions will be held in Colombo.  Neurology Updates and Regional Meetings will be held in selected locations. These will be helpful in achieving the dual objectives of reaching out to our neurology and physician colleagues and promoting continued professional development in the peripheries of the country. The Annual Academic Sessions, which is the pinnacle of academic activities in the ASN calendar and will be held from 16th to 18th November 2018 in Colombo which will be a time for learning, sharing and fellowship with both local and global participation.

The strength of ASN has been our dear patron, distinguished past presidents and dedicated councils and members who give their time, energy and priceless intellectual input to our many activities. I welcome you to join and support us in all our future endeavours to make them a success!


Dr Harsha Gunasekara

President - ASN