The Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists conducts a series of monthly Grand Rounds at the ClinMARC Auditorium of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. The objective of the Neurology Grand Round is to discuss patients with neurological disorders, which teaches the practising clinician important aspects in the diagnostic approach, management and prognosis. These could include rare as well as common neurological disorders, but all of which will have an educational value from basic neurosciences to applied clinical neurology. Two cases will be presented each month from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm. Each case will be presented by a Consultant Neurologist led Unit in Sri Lanka.


This event provides the opportunity to gain an exposure to and learn some interesting insights on common and rare presentations of neurological diseases presenting from different parts of the country.

No prior registration is required. All doctors and medical students are welcome. Take away lunch would be provided.

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