Ordinary members

Shall be Neurologists, board certified, board certifiable or enjoying the privileges of board certification to practice Neurology in Sri Lanka.

Medical practitioners with such qualification shall apply for ordinary membership. Applicants shall become ordinary members of the ASN once the Council accepts their application and when they pay the due subscription fee.

Ordinary members who cease to reside in Sri Lanka shall be deemed overseas members.

Overseas members

Shall be current or ex-Sri Lankan nationals, who are resident abroad and are holding registration with higher specialists training authorities/ boards of study, to practice as Neurologists in their respective countries of residence.

Any ordinary member of the ASN shall be deemed an overseas member if he or she ceases to reside in Sri Lanka.

Foreign members

Shall be foreigners holding registration with their higher specialist training authorities/ boards of study to practice as Neurologists or Clinical Neurophysiologists in their respective countries.

Associate members

Shall be post MD trainees in Neurology, in Sri Lanka.

Following completion of their specialist training leading to board certification, such associate members shall become ordinary members on paying the appropriate subscription fees.

Honorary members

Shall be by invitation only.
Should have unanimous agreement of the council.

Shall be persons of outstanding distinction in Medicine and related sciences, who have contributed towards the advancement of Neurology.