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Dr Gamini Pathirana,

President 2021/22

ASN Council 2021/22

The pervasive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues into its second year as we move through the year of 2021. The novel challenges we faced at the start of the pandemic redefined the meaning of adapting to change. This pressure on adaptability saw the rise of virtual CME in the form of webinars and video conference meetings. Physical meetings available only to limited numbers of on-site individuals were replaced by convenient on-screen meetings available to hundreds in many locations throughout the country and beyond. These advantages have taken precedence over losses of physical meetings such as fellowship and social behaviour. Therefore it is beyond debate that these adaptations will have to continue into the foreseeable future. However, in the face of these new challenges, it is not enough only to adapt and survive but also necessary to thrive and drive towards achieving the ASN’s mandate of improving neurology education, training and services in Sri Lanka. In this spirit, the theme for 2021 is ‘Approaching Frontiers in Neurology’. This theme will shape the CME activities planned for 2021, culminating in the 15th Annual Academic Sessions in February 2022. more…