Dear members and guests,

In 2023, the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists is embarking on its 17th year of activity. This year, ASN will pursue its objectives under the theme “Connectomes in Neurology – Networking for Precision Care”.


While the calendar year may have changed to 2023, Sri Lanka still faces a period of unprecedented economic turmoil. The outgoing President and Council of ASN showed remarkable resilience and navigated the crisis, cushioning the effect to ASN, and by extension, to neurological services in the country catering to our patients. Despite the difficulties, ASN, under dexterous leadership, was able to not only continue in its mandate, but also drive on towards further heights in academic and clinical neurology.


As we adapt to the new status-quo set by the socio-economic crisis, it is imperative to meet the challenges it presents head on. Neurological services face looming crises on multiple fronts: rapid contraction of human resources from brain drain; supply chain collapse with lack of medication and equipment needed for acute and chronic neurological care; and significant loss in purchasing power of patients, rendering them unable to afford medications and services.


There is no doubt, that difficult times lay ahead for the foreseeable future, and the journey to recovery will not be easy. It is also beyond doubt that Sri Lanka will surge back, as it has done from every challenge it has faced.


ASN will find itself in the vanguard of this charge to economic revival, ensuring that the people of Sri Lanka receive uninterrupted neurological services. Led by this year’s theme, ASN will serve the nation by driving sustainable health policy, optimal and efficient resource utilization, cost-effective strategies and cross-industry networking.


I thank all ASN members for their continued commitment, support and fellowship in all ASN activities and am confident in their dedication to uplift neurological services. Together we shall work to achieve equitable and high standard neurological care for the country we serve.


Dr Pyara Ratnayake,

President 2023/24,

Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists