The Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists conducts Clinical Courses in Neurology to prepare candidates for the MD part 2 clinical examination. This course provides the opportunity for each enrolled candidate to present at least one short case within a setting similar to the real exam to a Consultant Neurologist and obtain constructive feedback to improve performance. In addition, the clinical teacher will provide useful clinical information relevant to the case being discussed and tips on succeeding at the exam.

The ASN makes sure the stringently selects cases selection for this course in order to maintain standards similar to of the MD part 2 examination and the MRCP PACES examination.

The ASN strives to bring a better experience at with each successive session by incorporating feedback given be the participants.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a Registrar in Medicine who has registered for the next earliest MD part 2 clinical examination
  • Registrants need to pay a course fee of Rs 3000/- at the ASN office (registration fee is subjected to change)
    (Registration is usually on first-come, first-served basis as the number of seats places is limited)

Course details:

  • Candidates are grouped and each candidate is allotted a patient for timed examination and presentation
  • Candidates examine and present the case to the examiner
  • Case discussion and feedback on candidate’s performance by the examiner