The Young Neurologists' Forum is held annually to place a spotlight on the next generation of neurologists who will carry forward neurology care and services in the future. In this event, fellows in adult neurology, paediatric neurology and neurophysiology are given an opportunity to make presentations based on their own research or in an area of interest to an audience of senior colleagues and other trainees. YNF aims to bring trainers and trainees together in the journey towards growth and improvement of neurological services in Sri Lanka. The best presenter is awarded a prize at the annual academic sessions. Since its inception in 2017, this event has become a favourite amongst the trainees.

Previous YNF Winners

Neuromelioidosis: The great masquerader

Dr Dilini Chandrasiri

Myasthenia Gravis: Challenges galore!

Dr Shiran Paranavitane

Epilepsy surgery at National Epilepsy Centre: Where we are and the future

Dr Hasini Munasinghe