About ASN

ASN History

Neurology is a fast developing medical specialty around the world and here in Sri Lanka the situation is much the same. Compared to the early 1970’s when the whole of Sri Lanka was served by a single Neurologist operating from Colombo today we have over 20 board-certified Consultant Neurologists serving most parts of the country.


The Need

The need for an active professional organization dedicated to strengthening the hand of Neurology in Sri Lanka by supporting the Sri Lankan Neurologists in their clinical practice and academic activities was increasingly felt. In addition it was becoming necessary to promote fellowship and goodwill amongst the Neurologists to take the practice of Neurology to a higher level in this country.


An Idea Conceived


Given this background a ‘Neurology Forum’ was proposed and convened by two Consultant Neurologists, Dr. Bimsara Senanayake and Dr. Arjuna Fernando to address this issue. After preliminary discussions they decided to invite all practicing Neurologists in the country for a meeting which they termed the ‘Neurology Forum’.


First Neurology Forum

This historic meeting was held on the 26th of March 2006 at the Waters Edge in Colombo. This was truly a defining moment in the history of Neurology in Sri Lanka. Out of the 20 Neurologists who were in the country at the time 17 attended this meeting and the others got themselves excused.

At this meeting Dr. Bimsara Senanayake made a detailed presentation on the need for a separate professional organization for the Sri Lankan Neurologists on the same lines as the Association of British Neurologists (ABN). A parallel was drawn with the formation of the ABN in the UK in 1932. Also how the ABN transformed the standing of the British Neurologists and what we could learn from their experience was outlined. The forum unanimously decided to form a similar association in the country and call it the Association of Sri Lankan Neurologists (ASN). Subsequently a constitution was drawn up by a steering committee.

The following neurologists attended the historic first forum on the 26th of March 2006

  • Dr. JB Peiris
  • Dr. Ranjanie Gamage
  • Dr. Padma Gunaratne
  • Dr. Athula Dissanayake
  • Dr. KD Pathirana
  • Dr. MTM Riffsy
  • Dr. Sunethra Senanayake
  • Dr. Udaya Ranawaka
  • Dr. Sudath Gunasekera
  • Dr. Bimsara Senanayake
  • Dr. Arjuna Fernando
  • Dr. VT Rajendran
  • Dr. Darshana Wijegunasinghe
  • Dr. Janaka Peiris
  • Dr. AT Alibhoy
  • Dr. Nilupul Perera
  • Dr. Harsha Gunasekera



ASN Registered with the Registrar of Companies

The memorandum and the articles of the ASN were registered according to section 21 of companies act no: 17 of 1982 by the registrar of companies in January 2007. Mr. S.P Morawaka Attorney- at –law and former Registrar of Companies facilitated this process.


Inaugural Office Bearers and Council Appointed

At the 3rd meeting of the neurology forum held on the 30th of July 2006 at the Waters Edge in Colombo ASN office bearers for the year 2007 were elected. All posts were uncontested. Dr. Ranjanie Gamage was elected as the first president of the ASN. Also at this meeting Dr  J. B. Peiris was invited to be the Patron of the new association with unanimous approval of the council and members.